Enjoying a glass of white wine after dinner while having a chat with your friends in the living room is surely a nice way to spend an evening. The wine makes everything even more enjoyable as it is really refreshing and can help everyone unwind and relax.

Sometimes though the white wine can lead to an unpleasant time and this can happen if you accidentally spill it all over your beautiful carpet at home. Some people may think that white wine spills are not particularly problematic since it is light-colored unlike red wine. Nonetheless, it can leave behind a noticeable mark which can ruin the look and appearance of your carpet.

Dealing with this kind of cleaning problem can be challenging if you don’t know the right steps to take. If you are experiencing this predicament at home, here are some useful steps to help you solve this problem.

1. Use a clean sponge or a white cloth to absorb the spilled wine spills immediately on the carpet. Don’t rub or wipe the white wine spill as this can cause it to spread to other parts of the carpet. Just blot and dab the area carefully until all of the excess liquid is gone.
2. Get a cup of warm water and add a teaspoon of clear ammonia to it. This is going to be the potent cleaning agent that you will use to help get rid of the white wine stain that is caused by the spill. Apply some of the cleaning solution that you have created onto the stained area of the carpet and then let it set for about three minutes.
3. Take a clean white cloth and then slowly blot the stained portion of the carpet again and again. This will help lift the stain out of the carpet fibers and transfer it onto the surface of the cloth. After several minutes of doing this you will surely be able to get rid of the white wine stain.
4. Get a glass of water and pour it onto the area of the carpet you just cleaned. This is so that you can remove any potential residue that could get left behind. Dry the carpet thoroughly using some clean rags and you’re finally done completely eliminating the white wine stain on your carpet.

Spilling white wine on your carpet is never good but thankfully the guide above will help you get it clean and back to normal in no time.