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Hello, I am Chris Newman, Owner of Norm’s Carpet Cleaning. I purchased Norm’s Carpet Cleaning from Norm Salomon in 2007 as he was retiring. Norm started the business with his Father in 1977 and delivered Carpet Cleaning to the community for 45 years. We strive to continue providing superior service to the Fox Valley area for decades to come.

The Norm’s Carpet Cleaning Tremendous Technical Team of Eric and Daniel first met in 2006. At that point, the friends had no idea that they would become The WORLDS GREATEST carpet cleaning duo. After graduating from St. Charles East High School, they both started working for Norm on a part time basis in 2015. We all worked together and arranged it so Eric and Daniel could share one full time position with Norm’s Carpet Cleaning between the two of them. They managed to schedule college classes, and I arranged the work schedule, so as to not conflict with each other.

Over 6000 service appoints have been completed by Daniel and Eric. Untold acreage of clean fresh carpet and thousands of happy customers have been left in the wake of this pair.

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