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Many of our customers have asked if there’s anything we can do for the road salt, daily dirt and grime left on the garage floor. We have Hi Tech equipment that allows us to scrub and then wash your garage floor and simultaneously vacuum away all of the dirty water out in one motion, saving you the hassle of clearing out the entire garage. The results are fantastic, and this service will help keep that mess from being dragged into the rest of your home or spread onto your driveway.
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We Take Special Precautions

We have been able to remove paint spills, bicycle skid marks, automotive drippings, garbage can juices, spray paint over spray, rust spots and many more unsightly spots. The greatness of our results often depend on the quality of the surface we are cleaning. Concrete is a very porous material which absorbs everything which comes in contact with it. When a new concrete floor is poured, the right thing to do is to let it cure for at least 30 days then apply a high quality sealer. This sealer can last for many years protecting the concrete. No matter how good the sealer is, it does wear off over time. Everywhere the concrete is driven or walked on wears out eventually. We typically find some areas better protected than others. We can clean only the surface. Sometimes we can remove absorbed spots but we can not guarantee a brand new looking floor.


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If you wish we will, for a additional charge, provide the service of moving items in and out of your garage. This is done on a case by case basis and not easy to quote over the phone. We will always spend a few moments shuffling the garage contents in and out for you at no extra charge.

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