This Review was just posted to Angie’s List. I do appreciate when our customers share the experience of having Norm’s Carpet Cleaning service enter their home. Thank you:

Member Comments: 

It went great from initial quote/contact via email.  The initial contact of price estimate was fast, and the next contact with how to prepare and confirmation of arrival time was great.  Great follow up when I didn’t receive something, the follow up ensured I did (when I dropped the ball).  The estimate of price was on target when they arrived – no games, no up sell, no additional add on cost.   In fact, price was better than I expected, due to Angieslist member discount.

They called about 20 minutes before they arrived, showed up on time.  Waited at front door until I invited them in (very polite/courteous).  Actual quote at time of service/arrival was fast and efficient and again a very fair price.  The work was done efficiently, and the carpeting looks great/work was fantastic.  Michael and Matt were very personable/friendly.  They worked hard and efficiently, but able to take a moment and chat to make me feel at ease.  I felt at ease to ask questions, etc.   They take cash, check or credit card, and if you use credit card, they send you an email receipt right away if you want for both service and payment.   This was a great experience – and I am a tough customer, but I don’t have a single bad thing to say!  Use these guys!  Thanks Michael and Matt!

Description Of Work:  Cleaned four rooms upstairs, one room downstairs, 12 step staircase, and an area rug (plus a bonus mat)

Work Completed Date:  December 19, 2014

Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $227.00