Homeowners often worry about what cleaning method to use on their carpet at home. Each technique has its own pros and cons which is why picking just one can be a tough ordeal. Many carpet owners simply go with traditional and more mainstream cleaning techniques such as carpet shampooing or hot water extraction but there are other methods which are also worth a try.

Encapsulation is one of these new carpet cleaning methods that are becoming more and more popular among carpet owners these days. If you have not heard of this yet, encapsulation is a type of dry cleaning method which cleans your carpet with the use of little to no moisture. Encapsulation is performed by spraying an encapsulating chemical on the carpet and then you work it into the carpet fibers commonly using a motorized rotary brush. The chemical will do the rest since it will crystallize the soil, dust, and other unwanted particles which will then make it a lot easier to extract using a common vacuum cleaner. This is extremely great since dry carpet cleaning has a lot advantages and if you have not tried it yet then maybe now is the time.

Check out below some more reasons why you should give encapsulation strong consideration the next time you decide on which carpet cleaning method to use.

• It is Easy to Perform – Unlike other cleaning methods which you are afraid to try due to fear of not doing it correctly, encapsulation is a pretty simple method which you won’t have any trouble doing correctly even though it is your first try. The concept in itself is very basic and after spraying the encapsulating chemical all you would have to do is to wait and then vacuum the carpet after an hour or so.
• No More Waiting for the Carpet to Dry – If you have used carpet shampooing or other techniques which uses water or moisture, waiting for the carpet to dry up is surely one of the things that you hate. Carpets can really absorb water and thus it can take up a long time before it dries up completely. Thankfully, you won’t have to go through the same issues with encapsulation since after you vacuum the carpet you can already start using it once more. No more long waits for the carpet to dry since encapsulation uses little to no moisture in cleaning your carpet.

Encapsulation is certainly an appealing option that can help you thoroughly clean your carpet. Try it out for yourself and experience first hand how amazing this cleaning method really is.