Nobody wants to have bad breath which is why dental hygiene is always important. Brushing your teeth regularly will help keep your breath nice and fresh. Mouthwash is another very useful item that kills the germs and bacteria in your mouth to prevent bad breath.

It is recommended that you use mouthwash after every time you brush your teeth to ensure that your breath smells great before you go out of your house. What’s not recommended though is spilling the mouthwash on your carpet. Sadly, this has become a common occurrence which makes carpet owners frustrated and burdened.

Mouthwash stains on the carpet can be really troublesome for any homeowner. It creates a very ugly and noticeable stain that will ruin the carpet’s appearance. It is also hard to remove which only makes it worse. If you have mouthwash stains on your carpet at home, make sure you read the guide below to help you in cleaning up this mess properly.

1. Absorb as much of the mouthwash spilled on the carpet by using a clean sponge or white cloth. Removing the spilled liquid is vital in order to avoid it from spreading further on your carpet. As soon as you have removed as much of the mouthwash as you can, proceed to the next step.
2. You will need to make a cleaning solution that will work in removing the stain. It is really quite easy to make if you already know what to do. Just mix one part of dish washing liquid with four parts of warm water inside an empty container. Then, bring the solution you have created to the affected area of the carpet.
3. Pour some of the cleaning solution onto the mouthwash stain and then let it set for five minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth and start blotting the stain continuously. This will help lift the stain out of the carpet and onto the cloth’s surface. Repeat this step until the entire mouthwash stain is removed.
4. Rinse the carpet using some clean water to flush out any residue that could get left behind. Then, dry the area completely by using a wet/dry vac or some clean towels.

After doing the steps above your carpet will surely be clean and stain-free once again. Be sure to remember the guide so that you won’t have any trouble if ever you spill mouthwash on your carpet in the future.