What a great 5 star Carpet Cleaning St Charles review for Norm’s Carpet Cleaning near me!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Norm’s Carpet Cleaning St. Charles. And now, another installment of the ongoing saga, Nice Notes to Norm’s. Thank you very much Elio for sharing your experience with all who may be researching a great carpet cleaning near me. Elio, you just made my day!

“Im new in the area and was searching for a good carpet cleaner. I hate using unknown businesses because you never know what you get, but I took a chance with Norm’s because it has good reviews and its close. They were fantastic! Actually spoke to a human on the phone to make appointment.  They were prompt, reasonable  priced and made my carpet look like new. Nice people and very professional, I highly recommend.”

We are very grateful for you sharing your experience hiring Norm’s Carpet Cleaning! We do pride ourselves on being human as well as punctual. The AI robots are a long way away from taking over our business. We do try our absolute best to arrive at the scheduled time. That task is most difficult to achieve. Our 45 years of being in business helps us accurately predict our days.

I am truly fortunate to have Eric and Daniel on my team. They are such nice humans to be around, and they do great work! We look forward to seeing you again soon.


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