Tons of people love to eat chili and there is good reason why. It is delicious and can really fill you up and is also easy to prepare. There are many ways to make chili but its major ingredients are often beef and chili beans.

While chili can be a great dish to serve for dinner or while watching your favorite football games on your television, you should try to avoid spilling it all over your carpet. This is because spilling chili on your carpet will likely result in an ugly stain that is hard to remove.

If you are facing this very problem in your home, you are not alone. This actually is quite a common occurrence which is why I have prepared this easy-to-follow guide in order to help you in solving this carpet cleaning problem. Here’s what you’ll need to do to clean up the spilled chili on your carpet.

•    Remove all of the food particles on your carpet by using your fingers carefully to pick it up. You can also opt to use a wet/dry vac if you have one lying around the house. For the liquid or the sauce of the chili, get a piece of cloth and carefully blot the spill. This will help remove it from the carpet.
•    Next, get a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and then add it to two cups of warm water. This is in order to make the cleaning solution that will help in eliminating the chili stain on your carpet. After you have created the cleaning solution, place it inside a spray bottle and then bring it to the affected area of the carpet.
•    Spray the chili stain on your carpet a couple of times and the leave it for five minutes. Then, use a clean white cloth to blot the stain repeatedly until it is completely removed. Chili stains may be stubborn and thus you would need to blot it several times until you are successful in eliminating it entirely.
•    Once you have gotten rid of the chili stain, the next step is to rinse the carpet with some water. This step will help avoid leaving residue on your carpet fibers. After rinsing the carpet, dry it properly with some clean towels.

Chili stains and spills can be a big bummer but it shouldn’t ruin your day completely. Just follow the guide above and you’ll no doubt be able to get rid of this mess on your carpet in no time.