So often we get perform a service and see such wonderful results. Our work is so satisfying.

When you schedule a Garage Floor Cleaning Service with Norm’s Carpet Cleaning you can rest assured that our Technicians will arrive on time. We will thoroughly sweep the entire surface to remove all debris followed by an application of solution pre treatment which helps release the soil from the floor. After allowing for proper dwell time for our special solution to work, your garage floor is machine rotary scrubbed with a nylon brush to loosen the soil that is trapped in the pores of the surface.

Finally the dirt and cleaning solution is removed with a contained high pressure water rinse that is simultaneously vacuumed, leaving your floor dry and ready for use in minutes.

We use a similar process to renew the tile and grout in your home as well.

When you schedule a Garage floor cleaning combined with any other offered service you will receive a 10% discount off of your entire bill.

Our truck mounted hot water steam extraction equipment is 2nd to none in the care of your homes carpets. We have the tools necessary to guarantee that your carpets and home are clean and safe in our care. We commit to making all of your flooring maintenance as easy as possible for you and your family.

We’ll handle the carpets, so you can handle everything else! Call Norms and schedule your Garage Floor Cleaning Service today!