Magic markers are really useful accessories that you can have in the home or office. It is very helpful in naming and marking things around the house. It could be your mugs, shirts, your school projects, or what other things that you need to be marking.

One thing that you should never try marking is your carpet. This is because magic marker ink can cause stains which are very hard to eliminate. Sadly, there are situations when homeowners accidentally get magic marker ink marks on their carpets at home and surely this is one situation that can leave them extremely frustrated.

If you are ever in this kind of jam, one thing that you should do is try to relax and compose yourself. Lucky for you, this problem can be solved as long as you know the right thing to do. Here is a guide that you can use in cleaning magic marker ink stains on your carpet.

1. Remove as much of the ink mark on your carpet by quickly blotting the affected area as soon as possible with a paper towel. This helps in absorbing some of the ink so that it will prevent it from seeping deeper into the carpet fibers.
2. Get some isoprophyl rubbing alcohol and pour some of it onto a cotton ball. Then, use the cotton ball and dab the magic marker stain on the carpet. The alcohol is useful in getting some of the stain out so that you will have an easier time in completely getting rid of it.
3. The next step is for you to get a cup of warm water and add to it a teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Mix these two together so that you can create a potent cleaning solution that will get rid of the magic marker stain on your carpet. Take some of this solution and apply it onto the stained area and let it set for a couple of minutes.
4. Not get a piece of clean white cloth and blot the area continuously. This will help you in removing the magic marker ink stain and get your carpet back to normal. Continue doing this step until all of the ink stain is gone.
5. Get a cup of clean water and then pour it on the area where you accidentally marked with a magic marker. This helps in removing the residue that could get left behind your carpet. Dry the area completely using a wet/dry vac so that you can use your carpet once more.