Congratulations to all of you who have made it through!

I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing my girlfriends son Jesse graduate from The University of Illinois last weekend. He earned a Bachelor of Science from the U of I Engineering College. Jesse will move into a Logan Square apartment in Chicago in 2 weeks. Then he will start working at an Engineering firm in 3 weeks! I am so very proud of this young man!

Graduation season is once again here, and you know what that means: it’s time to throw a big ol’ party! We all want to celebrate our graduate’s accomplishments with family and friends. But before you start hanging up the decorations and stocking up snackies, there is one place you need to look, down at your carpets. If they need some attention before the festivities, call Norm’s today and we will get your carpets looking great again.
If your carpets are good to go, ready for fun, good for you. We will be there for you after the party as well.
Graduation Carpet Cleaning Batavia
Graduation Carpet Cleaning Batavia

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