Hot sauce is great for a number of food items that we commonly eat. It adds a kick to the usual dishes that we have that will definitely make the food taste better. It can be used on pizza, chicken wings, and a lot of other all-time favorite foods.
The hot sauce can certainly make your mouth sizzle but just make sure that you use it carefully to avoid making your head ache instead. This is because there are many times when the hot sauce that you are using inadvertently gets spilled all over the rug. Hot sauce spills can cause an ugly stain which is why getting it out effectively should be your immediate priority.
Check out the helpful guide below to aid you in properly and effectively removing the hot sauce stain on your rug in no time.
1. As soon as you spilled the hot sauce on the rug, quickly get a clean paper towel and try to blot the spill immediately. Don’t rub or wipe the hot sauce on the rug as this can cause the latter to spread. Simply blot the area until all of the hot sauce is gone.
2. Once you have extracted the hot sauce, you will notice that there will be an ugly stain where the spill occurred. This is the next thing that you need to pay attention to. Immediately prepare a cleaning solution made out of one teaspoon clear ammonia with one cup of warm water and then place some of the solution on the affected area of the rug.
3. Let the cleaning solution soak the stain for a moment to help it work its magic in breaking down the stain. Then, use a clean white cloth to slowly blot the stained portion of the rug. Continue to blot the hot sauce stain until it becomes lighter and lighter. Blotting helps in lifting the stain out of the rug fibers and transferring it onto the cloth instead. Repeatedly do this until all of the stain on the rug is removed.
4. For the last step, use a clean glass of water to flush out any residue that could stay behind on the rug. Afterward, get a wet/dry vac and then use it to extract the liquid and to dry the area that you just cleaned.

Hot sauce stains on the rug can be very tricky but with the guide above it will not stand a chance. Just follow the steps above and your rug will be nice and spotless in a jiffy.