Perfume can really make a lasting impression on a person. Spraying on some nice perfume can really get you a lot of compliments and smiles from the people around you. It can definitely get you some attention whether you are at a party or simply on a regular day at the office.

Just be careful that you don’t spill the perfume on your carpet though when you are using it. This is because while perfume is great on your skin it is not exactly suited to be on the carpet. Perfume spills can cause nasty stains which will really affect the way that your carpet looks. The strong smell can also be very frustrating for any homeowner to have in their home.

If you are experiencing this kinds of problems at home, don’t pull out your hair in frustration just yet. There are some simple steps that you can follow to easily solve this annoying carpet cleaning problem. Below is an easy to follow guide that you can use in removing perfume stains on your rug.

1. Remove the spilled perfume on the rug by blotting it with a clean white cloth or sponge. It is important that you do this immediately so that you won’t risk allowing the perfume to seep deeper into the fibers of your rug.
2. Next, get some household items which you will need to prepare a cleaning solution to get rid of the ugly stain that is caused on your rug by the perfume spill. For this you will need some dish washing liquid, warm water, and an empty container. Mix a teaspoon of the dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water and stir the mixture thoroughly. Then, place this solution inside the empty container and take it with you to the place where you spilled your perfume.
3. Apply a generous amount of the cleaning solution you have prepared on the stained portion of the rug. Let it set for three to five minutes before starting to blot it with a clean white cloth.
4. Continue blotting the perfume stain on your rug with the clean white cloth. You will observe that the stain is slowly become lighter and lighter as you proceed in blotting it. Make sure to repeat doing this until all of the stain is removed.
5. Once you have eliminated the perfume stain, the only thing that you have to do is to make sure there is no more residue left on the rug fibers. To do this, pour a cup of room temperature water on the area you just cleaned and then dry it completely with some clean towels before using your rug again.