Carpet odor can be an extremely frustrating problem for any homeowner. Nobody wants their visitors or guests to smell their nasty carpet upon entering their home as this can be a very embarrassing situation. Unpleasant carpet odor will not only ruin your carpet but it can also affect the way that your entire home smells.

Removing unwanted odor can be hard for an inexperienced carpet owner to do. Some of the unpleasant smell can come from deep within the carpet fiber which makes it tough to remove. If you have this problem at home, doing the right things is important to get your carpet smelling clean and fresh once more. Try out the helpful tips below to guide you in getting your carpet odor-free once again.

Tip #1: Clean Loose Food Particles Thoroughly

Dealing with food spills can be tough not only because of the stain that it may cause but also because of the bad odor that can get left behind on your carpet as a result. Some homeowners think that just because they have cleaned the food stain that everything is already fine but sometimes small food particles can get stuck in your carpet fibers and result in a nasty smell before long. That is why one important tip that you should follow is thoroughly cleaning food spills so that you won’t have to deal with major odor problems on the carpet.

Tip #2: Steam Clean the Carpet

Steam cleaning is one sure way that you can get rid of the unpleasant smell on your carpet. Steam cleaning makes use of a steam cleaner that releases hot water at high pressure so the germs, bacteria and other unwanted particles on your carpet will be removed. Bad odor is often caused by bacteria and steam cleaning is one effective way of killing it and making sure that your carpet is clean and fresh once more. Another good thing about steam cleaning is that it is effective in reaching deep portions of the carpet so that it can help eliminate unpleasant odor in the hard to reach areas of your carpet.

Tip #3: Use a Carpet Deodorizer

Sometimes using a good carpet deodorizer is all that you would need. Try to go to the store and purchase an effective carpet deodorizer for your carpet at home. The deodorizer will help neutralize the unpleasant odor and make your carpet smell clean and fresh once again. It is a nice, inexpensive way to get rid of the odor problem on your carpet.