Wool rugs offer a unique look and feel which is the reason why it has become increasingly popular to homeowners over the years. It certainly gives beauty and class to any room you place it in and instantly boosts the aesthetic value of your home.

But wool rugs can sometimes be a challenge to maintain. It can accumulate dust very easily and can be a problem for those who don’t really know how to correctly clean it. This doesn’t mean though though that you should give up your hopes of owning a wool rug. Just read the guide below to help you prepare in taking care and cleaning a wool rug for your home.

Vacuum the Wool Rug Regularly – As previously mentioned, a wool rug can become dirty quite easily since it can accumulate dust and dirt on a daily basis. This can be a problem since the dust and dirt will not only affect the way that the rug looks but it can also be a concern for members of your household having allergies and respiratory problems. Frequent vacuuming is the best option so that you can help remove the dust and dirt and prevent it from building up on the rug fibers. Doing so three or four times a week is recommended for best results.
Cleaning Up Spills Quickly – Many people say that wool rugs are more resistant to water spills and liquids because of its material. It doesn’t mean though that you should just leave spills on your wool rug for long periods of time before cleaning it. It is always best that you clean any kinds of spills immediately so that it will have minimal effect on your rug. It can prevent stains, spots, and other unwanted cleaning problems that you don’t want to have on your wool rug.
Regular Professional Cleaning – Another important way that you can preserve the look and feel of your wool rugs is to have it cleaned by professionals regularly. It doesn’t mean that you do it on a monthly basis as having it professionally cleaned every other month or so can help keep it in top condition. Professional cleaners are well-trained and have the proper equipment to give your wool rug the best cleaning possible.

If you have wool rug at home or if you are planning to get one real soon, use the tips above so that you will have no problems in keeping your rugs nice and clean always.