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Handmade area rugs are typically constructed using traditional techniques such as hand-knotting, hand-tufting, hand-weaving, or hand-loomed.
 Hand-knotting involves tying individual knots around the warps (vertical threads) and wefts (horizontal threads) to create the pile (the visible surface of the rug).
 Hand-tufting involves pushing tufts of yarn through a canvas base and then securing them in place with a secondary backing material.
 Hand-weaving involves interlacing the warp and weft threads to create the rug’s structure and pile.
 Hand-loomed rugs are created by using a hand-operated loom to weave the rug, a process that is similar to hand-weaving.
 In all cases, the yarn used to create the rug is often made of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, silk, or jute. The design and color choices are determined by the artisan who is creating the rug, leading to unique and one-of-a-kind pieces.
Area Rug Cleaning Batavia

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