Children and crayons can sometimes result in many colorful, funny, and imaginative works of art. They use crayons in drawing and coloring which helps then unleash their creativity on a piece of paper. Sometimes though, kids can get carried away and they may get some of the crayons on the fibers of your area rug.

Having crayon stains on the rug can really be frustrating as it will leave your rug ugly and unsightly. Cleaning up this problem can also be tough which is why many homeowners are worrying how they can get their rugs back to normal.

Dealing with this predicament is not easy but if you know the proper steps then you can at least make this task more manageable. If you find some crayon stains on your rug, here are some helpful steps that you can try to guide you in completely removing.
1. Try to remove as much of the crayon on the rug as possible. For any solid crayon particles, try scraping it carefully using a dull knife or a spoon. After clearing the area of as much crayon particles, you may move on to the next step.
2. Go and get some isopropyl rubbing alcohol and pour some of this on a piece of cotton ball. Then, use the cotton ball to dab the stain making sure that you start blotting it from the outside of the stain moving inwards. The rubbing alcohol helps in breaking down the stain making it a lot easier to remove. Repeat this step until the cotton ball dries up.
3. If after trying the previous step the stain on your rug is still there, maybe it is time for you to use a stronger cleaning solution to help remove it. Get a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and combine this with four cups of warm water. The detergent will help in breaking down the crayon stain so that it can be removed from your rug. Apply the solution onto the crayon stain and then allow it to set for five minutes.
4. The next step is to get a clean white cloth and begin blotting the stain once more. Continue to blot the stain until all of it is removed. It may take several attempts but as you continue doing this the stain will become lighter and eventually will be totally gone.
5. The last step is rinsing the area of the rug where the stain used to be using a glass of water. This step is essential to avoid having any residue slowly building up and damaging your rug over time. Dry the area using some clean rags and you’re done.