Many people are now making the move to eating healthy foods and dishes. This is great because not only is it good for the body and promotes health but it can also be very delicious if you know how to prepare it properly.

One of the best things to eat if you want to stay fit and healthy is salads. Salads are really tasty because you can have your pick among the many different dressings and oils that are available. One popular option that people want on their salad is Caesar salad dressing which is really tasty and delicious. But as you are mixing and preparing your salad, you may accidentally spill some of the Caesar salad dressing and cause a stain on your beautiful carpet.

Getting this stain out can be tough so I have prepared a helpful guide that you can follow to solve this problem.

1. Remove as much of the spilled salad dressing on the carpet by blotting the area with some paper towels. This will help extract the Caesar salad dressing so that you can clear the area before concentrating next on the stain that is left behind.
2. Mix a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a quart of warm water and then place it inside an empty container. Then, apply some of it onto the stained are of the carpet and let it set for about two minutes.
3. Use a clean white cloth and slowly blot the Caesar salad dressing stain on the carpet. Make sure to blot from the outside of the stain moving inward to get the best results.
4. Continue doing the previous step until you are able to completely get rid of the salad dressing stain on your carpet. It can be tough at times and may take several attempts but pretty soon you will be able to remove the ugly stain entirely.
5. Flush out any residue that you could have left behind by rinsing the carpet with some clean water. Then, use a wet/dry vac or some clean rags to dry it completely.

Dealing with Caesar salad dressing stains on your carpet may be difficult but with the help of the guide above you will surely be able to get your carpet clean and spotless once more. If ever you are dealing with salad dressing stains on your carpet, follow the guide and surely you will be able to solve this problem with ease.