Recently we took on a rather challenging restaurant Carpet Cleaning in Geneva. The layout of this fine dining establishment had carpet immediately outside the kitchen doors. Just outside the kitchen access doors was a bar area. This combination of a generally high volume bar area and the grease that is inevitably tracked off of the kitchen tile floor onto the carpet resulted in a quite blackened traffic area on a newer very nice red patterned commercial carpet. 

We have seen this type of situation before and knew just what to do. The first step was to vacuum up any dry soil that was present. The job was on a Monday following a very busy weekend and there were crumbs here and there that needed removed. We then pre conditioned the carpeting with our finest solution for the situation. We allowed the solution to do its work dwelling for about 15 minutes before thoroughly scrubbing the affected areas with our orbital agitation device, also known as a Cimex. During the agitation step we also pre condition any spots that our standard process did not break down such as wine or coffee spills.  So far all of the soil was still in the carpet. We merely broke down the oils with the pre conditioner and then gave the carpet a good scrubbing. Our final step, hot water steam extraction using our state of the art truck mounted equipment to remove all of the grease and dirt from the carpet leaving the restaurant carpet in Geneva looking like new!

This type of work is very satisfying for us. We like a good challenge. Several other carpet cleaners have attempted to restore the carpet here without good results. I do believe we have another lifetime customer for Norms Carpet Cleaning!