Salsa is really a delicious sauce which is essential to many Mexican dishes. It can be made out of tomatoes, herbs and spices which when combined together result in a delicious sauce and dip which can have tons of uses. It can serve as a great dip for tortilla chips or it can be used in making delicious tacos.

Salsa is certainly one thing to have whenever you are preparing a Mexican dish for dinner or snacks. While it can certainly be great to eat with many different kinds of foods, it is surely not something that you would want to have accidentally spilled on your carpet. Sadly, it is not an uncommon occurrence to have salsa spills on your carpet. If you have this kind of problem at home, you should know how to clean up this mess to avoid having an ugly stain remain on your carpet. Here is a simple guide that may be of some help for those who are trying to clean up salsa spills on the carpet.

1. Remove as much of the spilled salsa as you can on the carpet. Do this immediately after the spill has occurred so that you have the best chance of cleaning it up without any complications. The longer you allow the salsa to stay on the carpet would translate to you have more difficulty in cleaning it up. That is why acting fast is very important.
2. Next you would have to prepare a cleaning solution which will work in removing the stain that is left on your carpet. You can make use of your dishwashing liquid in making one of your very own. All you would need is to mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water. Then, pour some of this cleaning solution on the stained area of the carpet.
3. Get a piece of clean white cloth and then slowly blot the affected area. Blotting will help in transferring the stain from the carpet fibers and onto the cloth. Do this continuously until the salsa stain is completely removed while applying some more of the cleaning solution if needed.
4. Rinsing the carpet area that you finished cleaning is the last step of the process. This is because residue may be left behind and it is certainly something that you would want to avoid. Rinsing the carpet will ensure that it is removed and that no build-up will occur on the carpet over time.