Pets are really great to have in your home to offer you companionship and happiness. Cats are one of the most popular kinds of pets for a number of good reasons. For one, they are cute and cuddly which certainly adds to their appeal as a pet. Another factor is that they are very smart and are really fun to take care of.
But having a cat is not all just about fun and games. It is a really big responsibility since taking care of a pet is something that you should take seriously. You would have to feed your cat, play with it and worst of all you have to clean up after it. One annoying consequence of having a cat in the home is if they accidentally urinate all over your carpet.
Removing cat urine stains on the carpet is not a very easy thing to do. You would need to properly do this though otherwise your home will smell like cat urine and your carpet won’t look any better either. Here is a guide to help you in easily removing the cat urine stains on your carpet at home.
1. Absorb the cat urine on the carpet by using some clean paper towels or a clean white cloth and dabbing the area where the cat urinated. Just make sure you wear rubber gloves when doing this to ensure proper hygiene.
2. After you have removed the excess cat urine on the carpet, the next step is to make a cleaning solution that you will use on the urine stain. You can easily get this done by combining a teaspoon of dish washing liquid with a cup of warm water. The dish washing liquid will not only help in removing the stain, it will also be very helpful in neutralizing the bad odor that the cat urine has caused on the carpet.
3. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution you have made on the area where the stain is located. Let a couple of minutes pass first and then use another piece of clean white cloth to blot the cat urine stain.
4. Continue blotting the urine stain on your carpet until it is completely removed. The cloth will help remove and lift the stain until eventually the carpet fibers will be clean and stain-free again.
5. Get a glass of clean water and then pour it on the area where the cat urine was. Then, dry everything with some clean towels or rags. This last step is to make sure no residue is left behind on the carpet.