Keeping a carpet nice and clean can be a lot of work. You would always have to contend with terrible stains and spots which can make the carpet ugly and unsightly. These kinds of situations can be very problematic as any homeowner would have difficulty in cleaning the mess up.

One problem that regularly happens to many homeowners is accidentally getting some hand lotion on their carpets. Hand lotion is always used to moisturize the skin on your hands to help keep it nice and healthy. But if ever you unfortunately spill some of it on the carpet then it can really have a lot of negative consequences.

Cleaning up this problem can be really hard but it is important in order to keep the carpet clean and in good condition. If you are facing this tough cleaning problem in your home, check out the guide below to help you fix it easily.

• Get rid of the hand lotion on the carpet by scooping it up using a dull knife. Do this carefully as you don’t want to spread the lotion further on the carpet. After you are done removing as much of the lotion as possible, proceed to the next step.
• Apply a few drops of clean water onto the lotion stain and let it set for a couple of minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth and blot the stain to get some of it out of the carpet fibers.
• You will need to apply a carpet cleaning solution on the stain to really be able to get rid of it completely. You can choose to make your own cleaning agent by simply mixing a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water. Apply this onto the stain and then let it set for a couple of minutes.
• Use a clean white cloth to blot the hand lotion stain on the carpet. As you are doing so you can observe that the stain will gradually be lifted out of the carpet fibers and onto the cloth. Continue doing this until all of the stain is eliminated.
• After getting rid of the hand lotion stain, pour a glass of water on where the stain used to be to help remove any residue. This is important to avoid any residue from building up on your carpet over time.

Hand lotion stains can be very difficult to face if you are any carpet owner. If ever you are dealing with this problem, just remember to follow the steps above to help you settle the issue as easily as possible.