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Carpet Cleaning South Elgin IL

Carpet Cleaning South Elgin IL

With the busy lifestyles of most Kane County homeowners, it’s not unusual for many of us to overlook the importance of regular Carpet Cleaning South Elgin IL. This is understandable if the carpet doesn’t appear particularly dirty. However, most carpets should receive a professional cleaning at least once per year. If you’re uncertain if yours is due, here are a few sure giveaways that it’s time to call Norm’s for service:

-Unpleasant odor. This is among the most apparent signs of dirty carpet. If you’re noticing the foul smell of mildew in your home even after you’ve taken out the garbage, cleaned the fridge and vacuumed, the cause could be the carpet.

-Allergy symptoms. If you or those in your household are experiencing symptoms such as congestion, itchy eyes, sneezing, headaches or respiratory problems, it may be time to examine the condition of your carpet. Dust, pollen and other allergens can slowly and steadily collect within the fibers of your carpet. As a result, that can affect your indoor air quality and cause those unpleasant symptoms.

Additionally, dead skin cells, dirt, pet dander and insect particles can settle into your carpet. If it has been more than one year since you scheduled Carpet Cleaning South Elgin IL, call 630-232-4445.

-Stains are accumulating. You might have postponed cleaning over the years as stains started to collect and now your carpets look worn and discolored. If that is the situation, it’s time to for professional services. It can be pleasantly surprising how much Carpet Cleaning South Elgin IL can restore the look of your living spaces.

In meantime, before our experienced team arrives at your location, here are a few useful tips for managing carpet stains.

-Conceal the stains. A quick solution is to simply hide the stains with furniture, potted plants or seasonal decorations. Naturally, a lot of stains are going to be around tables and dining areas, so it may just call for moving over a couch or coffee table a couple inches to cover them up.

-Try spot-treating your carpets. You may discover that it’s possible to at least partially remove common stains such as those from spilled coffee, food and foot traffic as a DIY project if you do it early enough. Begin by placing a cloth on the stain and press it down. Be sure to avoid the risk of grinding the stains even farther into the carpet’s fibers. For those stains that are dry already, place a metal spoon in your freezer for about one hour. Next, use the chilled spoons to gently scrape away the stain.

After completing that step, use a spot cleaner on the stain. You’ll want the carpet to be somewhat damp yet not too wet. Allow it sit for ten minutes. Be sure to test the spot cleaner on a carpet scrap first to confirm that it will not cause discoloration. Finally, blot the stains with a clean cloth, working slowly from the outer edges of the stains towards the center. Once the stain is removed, blot it with cold water and use another, dry cloth to soak up the excess water. To avoid the chances of mildew or mold forming, be sure that the area is fully dry.

While these efforts and covering up stains can be helpful, they are only short-term remedies. In order to get the job done thoroughly, call Norm’s for Carpet Cleaning South Elgin IL. Our trained and experienced team uses the very best products, equipment and techniques get your carpet looking good again.