Pet Odor Removal St. Charles IL

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Pet Odor Removal St. Charles IL

Pet Odor Removal St. Charles IL

Has it been a long while since the area rugs in your home received a professional deep cleaning? Are your rugs looking worn and could use Pet Odor Removal St. Charles IL? Vacuuming or sweeping your favorite floor coverings is somewhat effective for removing the dust and dirt that builds up each day. However, to preserve and protect rugs for the long term, a professional cleaning is recommended at least once per year.

After all, area rugs can be vulnerable to a lot more than only dirt. Insects, moisture, foot traffic and even exposure to sunlight all take a toll on their condition and longevity.

The size of a household, living patterns and, of course, pets can all factor in the appearance and condition of your rugs.

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Area rugs call for custom cleaning products and applications by highly experienced cleaning experts rather than by do-it-yourself methods. Even through using a rented rug cleaning machine may seem like a good option, they are not a thorough, lasting cleaning solution and can result in problems such as distorting the rug’s fibers and dye migration.

Professional cleaning penetrates the front as well as the backing of the rug where contaminants and bacteria tend to accumulate. Without a deep and effective cleaning that reaches far into the fibers, the rug’s foundation can become brittle and weakened.

At Norm’s Carpet Cleaning, our trained service technicians are experienced in identifying different rug types and can accurately assess which cleaning products and applications your rugs need.

We deliver a tailored approach for each rug cleaning in order to obtain the best possible results. If there are unsightly stains on your area rugs or carpet, give us a call to schedule cleaning today!