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Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL

Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL

Homeowners are typically well-aware of the benefits of regular Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL. From the removal of stains and discoloration to the way that it refreshes and brightens interior living spaces, cleaning carpets is a cost-effective part of maintaining a home. However, there are some misconceptions that persist regarding carpet cleaning and about carpets generally. Read on for a look at some of the common myths that you may have heard before about keeping carpets clean.

-Vacuuming too frequently will cause carpet to wear out faster. In years past, carpets weren’t typically manufactured to be nearly as resilient as they are these days. The density of carpet fibers, along with the length of the fibers, meant that older carpet would tend to show wear and discoloration a lot sooner with repeated vacuuming. Newer carpet, however, is specifically manufactured to withstand it much longer. Even if you’re a homeowner who prefers to vacuum each day, it will not negatively impact the carpet.

To properly care for your carpets, use a vacuum that functions correctly. Ensure that the brush roller is operational and rotates upon its axis as you’re moving the vacuum to and fro.

-Steam cleaning carpet raises the risk of mildew forming. It’s important to point out that the steam cleaning process – like the term states – involves applying hot steam rather than hot water. In the event you go to local store and rent a steam cleaner for your carpets, there’s a chance the machine is not going to be in good working order. Along with that risk, steam cleaning properly requires some training and experience. If you’re lingering for too long in one area, for instance, you could end up saturating the carpet. On the other hand, with professional Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL by the team at Norm’s, you can rest assured the equipment we use is commercial grade and always well-maintained.

Our operators know precisely how to effectively steam clean carpets and avoid saturation in the process. Lastly, allowing your carpets to dry thoroughly following steam cleaning will help to ensure that growth of mildew does not occur.

-The effectiveness of baking soda for cleaning carpets. Many homeowners will sprinkle some baking soda upon their carpets in an attempt to get them clean and eliminate unpleasant odors. Although it is able to absorb odors to some degree, applying baking soda to the surface of your carpet doesn’t accomplish much besides a temporary improvement and is not effective as a cleaning agent. It may conceal unpleasant odors, but they will simply return. The best way to get lasting results is through our affordably-priced Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL services.

-Store-bought brand carpeting cleaners are okay to use for removing stains. A wide array of materials are used in the manufacturing of carpets.

If you take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations, you’ll probably observe that many of them advise against using store brand cleaning products on the carpet. This is because it can risk damaging and discoloring the carpet’s fibers, which will make stains ever more noticeable. It’s very helpful to know what type of carpet is in your home so you’ll know what materials from which it’s made. That way, when you call to schedule Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL for stain removal solutions, our cleaners will be ready to treat the stains efficiently without damaging the carpet.

It’s certainly no myth that Carpet Cleaning Batavia IL should generally be done on a consistent basis. Extended periods without a thorough cleaning can allow dirt, allergens, road salt, pet dander and other debris to accumulate and significantly diminish the quality of your carpet.