Tile and Grout Cleaning St. Charles IL

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Tile and Grout Cleaning St. Charles IL

Tile and Grout Cleaning St. Charles IL

Does the grout in between your floor tiles in your Fox Valley home look grimy and dirty? In some cases, grout can become so dirty that home cleaning methods just aren’t effective any longer. Following are a few unmistakable warning signs that it’s time to contact Norm’s Carpet Cleaning for our Tile and Grout Cleaning St. Charles IL services:

-Discoloration. This is the most obvious sign that you should consider a cleaning service to clean the grout. It’s very difficult to restore grout to its original condition once discoloration is happening. You could scrub and mop frequently and still not notice any significant improvement.

However, don’t just assume that you will have to replace the grout. That costly project in many cases is avoidable with a professional deep clean. Our experienced cleaning teams can also repair damaged tile, add color or apply new caulk.

-Bacterial growth and stains. Not surprisingly because of the moisture, grout in bathrooms is susceptible to staining. Due to the warm and humid environment it’s in, your bathrooms can provide a breeding area for bacteria. Once that starts occurring on your grout or tiles it can wear down the sealant.

-Insufficient sealing. Proper and effective sealing of new flooring is an essential step in preventing grout from absorbing substances that result in staining and unsightly discoloration.

A lot of homeowners may not be aware that sealing grout is not just a one-time task. It’s advisable to seal your grout at least once yearly. Before doing so, always schedule professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Geneva IL.

At Norm’s Carpet Cleaning, our deep, thorough Tile and Grout Cleaning St. Charles IL and products will keep your floors looking good for long a time. Call us today at 630-232-4445 for an appointment.