Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL

If you’re not certain whether the rugs in your home need cleaning, check out the following sure signs you should contact Norm’s Carpet Cleaning for services:

-A noticeable odor. It can be somewhat easy to conceal odors coming from a rug with fresheners and sprays from the store. However, the effectiveness of those products are limited and typically don’t last very long. Plus, sprays don’t address what’s causing the odors. Once you start to notice this sign, consider professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL.

-The rugs are triggering allergies. Rugs can attract pollen, dust, pet hairs and other particles that can aggravate symptoms such as stuffiness and sneezing. While it’s more difficult to determine in the springtime when pollen is in the air anyways, if you’re sneezing and sniffling in the winter, your rugs may have something to do with it. Especially if there are pets in the house and they enjoy napping on a particular rug.

-Multiple stains. Your schedule can get pretty hectic at times – especially during the holiday season when children are on break from school or when relatives come to visit. It’s understandable that rug cleaning may be overlooked when there’s so much else going on. However, at some point it becomes important to clean rugs when stains make them unsightly.

If you’re concerned that the stains on your rug have been there too long or seem impossible to remove, don’t stress! Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Geneva IL experts
can eliminate the toughest, most stubborn stains.

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Do you recall when your oriental rugs last had a professional cleaning? If it has been more than 2 years, odds are that yours rug are long overdue for some thorough TLC. You’ll be happy when your favorite rugs return looking brighter and smelling refreshed!