Tile and Grout Cleaning Geneva IL

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Tile and Grout Cleaning Geneva IL

Tile and Grout Cleaning Geneva IL

Whether it’s in a home or a business, tile flooring presents a number of advantages. Tile is relatively easy to clean and maintain and it’s also very durable visually appealing. With professional installation it can last for many years. Plus, tile is resistant to moisture, stains and general damage, which makes it a particularly smart choice for homes or businesses with a lot of foot traffic.

However, even though tiles do not require a lot of maintenance, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need cleaning. In addition to doing a regular clean yourself, we typically advise homeowners to schedule Tile and Grout Cleaning Geneva IL at least once annually. Call Norm’s Carpet Cleaning to schedule this effective service when you notice that:

-The grout between the tiles looks discolored. This occurs when grime and dirt builds up over time. If you’re noticing that the grout in areas of your house or business look dingy and unsightly, a deep cleaning by our experienced team will restore a much better appearance.

-Mold growth forming on the grout. If you’re seeing discolorations on your grout – particularly green or black spots – it’s an indication of mold growth. It’s a common problem on grout lines in areas like bathrooms and kitchen where there’s a lot of moisture.

Don’t delay to schedule a cleaning as soon as you spot mold and mildew. If left to spread, it can pose a health risk to your household or customers.

-Tiles appear dull and faded. Over time, the buildup of scratches, residue and dirt will dull the look of your floor tiles. Our proven tile and grout cleaning techniques will polish and restore your tiles to a much-improved condition.

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